Quality Standards Checklist

Laserage makes it simple to choose the right laser technology contract manufacturer for your medical device.

Manufacturing medical devices is a difficult and challenging process. Any mistakes, no matter how small, can risk the lives of those who receive these modern technologies.

Do you know the right questions to ask before trusting a laser technology contract manufacturer with your next medical device project? 

We've created a handy checklist of essential information and questions you will need to keep in mind in order to make an informed decision, such as:

  • Do they have their own Quality Manual?
  • Do they have ISO 13485 certification?
  • Do they perform process validation?

If a prospective provider can't check off the items on this list (or provide a satisfactory reason for not being able to do so), move on to a reputable firm that can. 

To access the complete Quality Standards Checklist, simply complete and submit our short form.

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